Part Two: Alter Your Altar


July 7, 2019 • Pastor Tim Moore

Before God can use us to do extraordinary things, he will first deal with the altars we have setup to other gods/things.  Gideon had to remove the things that caused God to remove his hand from the nation before God could use him to save Israel.

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Part Four: Step by Step

Gideon • July 28, 2019 • Pastor Tim Moore

God asks Gideon to reduce the number of troops he has because it is too many for God to deliver them.  This must have been so confusing to Gideon.  When we often want the strategy, God tends to give us the next step – even if that step seems to go backwards and not closer to the destination we think it should.  In the end, God does Gideon the strategy – it’s submission!

Part Three: Fleecing God

Gideon • July 14, 2019 • Pastor Tim Moore

Doing something extraordinary for God will always require extraordinary faith. Gideon sees the army advance against them and then gets fearful about fighting them.  He knows what God has said to him through the angel, but he isn’t sure that God can give them victory.  He tests God with a sign.  In this message, I talk about when it is and isn’t right to seek a sign from God.

Part One: A Better Word

Gideon • June 30, 2019 • Pastor Tim Moore

When God appears to Gideon through an angel, he calls him Mighty Warrior and sends him to save Israel out of the strength he has.  Gideon’s response is excuses.  All he can see is who he is and not who God said he was.  He was driven by his insecurities rather than what God put in him.   If we are going to be used by God to do extraordinary things, we have receive a Better Word over our lives than what we have often chosen to believe.