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The Potential of a Seed

December 1, 2019 • Pastor Tim Moore

Paul talks about our giving like sowing seeds.  If we can understand the potential that God put within a seed – we can understand the potential of what God wants to do through us when we give.  When we give to God with open hands, it allows the supplier of the seed to increase our store of it and enlarge our harvest!

Buried Treasure

Exceed • November 24, 2019 • Pastor Tim Moore

Jesus would dive into the tension of wanting to give but also wanting to hold for ourselves and ask – Where is your treasure?  Clearest indication of the condition of our heart is what we do with our treasure.  But when we understand that storing up treasures in heaven isn’t losing them, but rather investing them into something greater – we can be released to give!

Are You Available?

Exceed • November 17, 2019 • Pastor Tim Moore

God is able.  But He is able to do the miraculous when we make our time, energy and money available to Him.  We have to put it in his hands for Him to bless it and multiply it.