Out of Rocks

Part 12

August 23, 2020 • Pastor Tim Moore

Israel finds themselves out of water again 40 years after they left Egypt.  God tells Moses to take the Staff but speak to the rock.  Instead Moses lost control of his emotions and struck the rock.  Water came out but Moses disqualified himself from the Promised Land.

Mimic of a Miracle

Part 13 • August 30, 2020 • Pastor Tim Moore

Moses was able to do Miracles in front of Pharaoh to convince him to let the Israelites go. Pharaoh wasn’t persuaded that Moses’ God was really in charge when his magicians did the same thing. But as we see from this story – what they can do might mimic a miracle – but it always falls short.

Behind the Mask

Part 11 • August 16, 2020 • Pastor Kevin Ilich

Divine Detours

Part 10 • August 9, 2020 • Pastor Tim Moore