Episode 2: SZNs

February 1, 2019 • Pastor Tim Moore

In this episode of the X Church podcast Pastor Tim discusses our SZNs! These are going to be very important in our church and will help the members of our church stay connected without letting church consume their lives.

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Battle Back

Mindfield • September 15, 2019 • Pastor Tim Moore

We live in what some are calling the Age of Anxiety.  How do we win this war?  Paul gives us some insight that we need as Christ-followers to fight against the spiritual battle we face in our minds.  Ultimately, only the Truth of God’s Word professed and believed will give us victory of the lies and arguments that come from our spiritual enemy.  We will carefully navigate the depth and complexity of anxiety and other disorders – not reducing them all to spiritual things, but recognizing the spiritual war we are in must be fought with supernatural weapons!  We must battle back!

Defining Moments

September 8, 2019 • Pastor Tim Moore

Our culture continues to push toward independence.  But we must realize that Independence is not Isolation.  We never know when something hard will happen in our lives and its then when we need people to surround us and come to our aid.  The challenge to all will be are they doing that with this community.  Are they known personally?  Do they know others intimately?  Authentic Relationships are downloadable.  They must be cultivated.

Give to Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts

We would love to come together to support the people of the the Bahamas after the devastation of Hurricane Dorian. It’s not too late to give! Jesus, bring peace and comfort to those who have lost so much. You can give on our website by going to thex.church/give and donate directly to the relief efforts, or text any amount to 614-524-5373, (Example: "Relief $10"). All proceeds go to Samaritan's Purse