Teen Extravaganza 2017

Full Throttle For Jesus

July 28, 2017 • Pastor Justyn Smith • Guest Speaker • Evangelist Taylor Gillaspie

Please share and join us for this year's Teen Extravaganza. You won't want to miss it! Pastor Smith


March 4th -•- 2018

In The Know • March 4, 2018 • Pastor Justyn Smith

The video introduces our Spring Preaching Series at Crossroads. Thanks for watching!

February 4th -•- 2018

February 4, 2018 • Pastor Justyn Smith

I praise the Lord for the gracious giving of our Church family! Wow! Thanks for watching! Pastor

January 18th -•- 2018

Crossroads' Update • January 18, 2018 • Pastor Justyn Smith

Crossroads' update.