Long Live the King

Manitowoc Campus

Orders From The King

September 6, 2020 • Pastor Nick Stanislowski

Are you ready? As Jesus’ time on earth is soon coming to an end, he prepares his followers with perhaps the most critical words that he shared with them. Words that were intended to start a world changing movement for the Kingdom. This Sunday, we conclude our series, Long Live the King and we better be prepared….because the orders from the King are coming.

The King Is Alive

August 30, 2020 • Jessie Edwards

The King is Alive! Jesus’ death and resurrection was a remarkable event that delivered all mankind from the greatest enemy the world has ever seen ... Sin. While this Event was clearly foretold in scripture, why did so many of God’s followers not see this coming? Why do we refuse to see what’s so clear right in front of US when it comes to Jesus? Join us for part 9 of our series, The King is Alive, as we discover why we don’t have to misunderstand the Messiah and how we can see him clearly!

The King Is Dead

August 23, 2020 • Pastor Adam Steinbock

Jesus is the most influential person who ever lived, and yet his public ministry was cut short by his execution on a Roman cross. So why are we still talking about him? And what difference does his death make 2000 years later? Join us for part 8 of our series, Long Live the King, as we discover why Jesus had to die and how his death can change our lives today.

The King in the Storm

August 16, 2020 • Pastor Jeff Jaeger

Life is full of stormy times – perhaps more so now than ever before. Everyone reading this currently has or will have times in life that prove to be extremely tough and trying. How should we face into those times? Join us for part 7 of our Long Live the King series as we discover how we can thrive, not merely survive when the storms of life hit hard.

The Rejected King

August 9, 2020 • Pastor Nick Stanislowski

Rejection can put us in chains, leaving us to feel not worthy, misunderstood, and alone. Truthfully though, we’re not only the ones being rejected at times, but we’re also the ones doing the rejecting. As we wrestle through this, we have an example to follow. Sunday, we continue in our Long Live the King series where we study how Jesus was the rejected King and how that impacts our lives today.

King Of The Outcasts

August 2, 2020 • Pastor Adam Steinbock

In his famous encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well, Jesus shows us he’s not only King over the rich and powerful, he’s King of the Outcasts, he’s a king for those who are rejected by the world. But there’s even more to this encounter than we might first realize. Join us for part 5 of our series, Long Live the King as we dive into John 4 and discover the secret to a closer relationship with God.

The Shepherd King

July 26, 2020 • Pastor Jeff Jaeger

Jesus IS King…..make no mistake about it! But contrary to what some people might think, He’s not a heavy-handed King who’s disinterested in our lives. He’s the Shepherd King. Join us for part 4 of our Long Live the King series as we discover the incredible blessing and joy of following this good Shepherd King.

All The King's Men

July 19, 2020 • Scott Jaeger

“Why am I here?” “What’s God’s plan for my life?” Many of us can struggle to find our purpose. But when King Jesus arrived, he carried out his plan for the world, the same plan we are invited to share in. And His calling for us gives our lives meaning and direction. Join us as we discover more in part three of our new series, Long Live the King.

The King Is Born

July 12, 2020 • Pastor Adam Steinbock

Our broken and fallen world desperately needs a leader who can make it all right. The good news is, that leader is already here! In part two of our new series, Long Live the King, we’ll discover how the birth of the King answers 3 questions that shape each of our lives.

The World Needs a King

July 5, 2020 • Pastor Nick Stanislowski

We were all created with a desire to be led, however, who we should be led by has been dividing humanity since the beginning. This Sunday at Crossroads, we kick off our new series Long Live The King, where we take a look at the life of Jesus and why he is the One True King to lead his creation. In part 1, we’ll bridge the gap between the Old Testament and the New Testament and see why Jesus is The King that the world needs.