Victory - In The Word

Do Something

August 28, 2022 • Andy George

We are inundated with WORDS every day, but how much of what we hear or read is quickly forgotten, no matter how compelling it initially seems? In his sermon, "Do Something," Crossroads Fellowship Senior Pastor Andy George challenges us to not just read or hear God's Word, but to actually put it into practice. Your obedience to God's word is visible in your actions.

The Living Two-Edged Sword

August 21, 2022 • Andy George

God's Word is described as "Living and Active" and having the ability to strip away all of what we think is hidden. In the sermon, "The Living Two-Edged Sword," Crossroads Fellowship Senior Pastor Andy George explains how what initially sounds ominous, is actually God's love pursuing you and drawing you into an open relationship with Him.

The Word is a Verb

August 14, 2022 • Ken Hester

We often continue searching for answers even when God has already told us what to do. Too many times we struggle to respond and take the next step. In the sermon, "The Word is a Verb," Crossroads Fellowship Campus Experience Pastor Ken Hester explains how God's Word compels us to action.

Victory in the Word

August 7, 2022 • Andy George

We are surrounded by skeptics, doubters and people who have lost interest in the Word of God. But does this mean that the Bible is no longer applicable in our current world? In the sermon, "Victory in the Word," Crossroads Fellowship Senior Pastor Andy George opens our eyes to the truth of God's Word and shows us that the Bible is just as relevant and life-changing today as it has ever been.