Hope Week

Where are you finding purpose?

Andy George

Where are you finding purpose in life? Do you ever feel incomplete or thirsty for something more? On Good Friday, Jesus satisfied the thirst of humanity for fulfillment and paid the price we owed on the cross. Join us for a message walking us through Jesus’ final hours – a message on the ultimate Sacrifice and subsequent Hope.

Are you exhausted?

Andy George

Are you exhausted? Do you ever feel like you can’t get enough rest? God knows in this weary world that we need rest and so He has built in the Sabbath. Learn more in this message from Senior Pastor Andy George through Jesus’ example about how to rest, take Sabbath and refresh your soul.

Do I need more Faith?

Andy George

We could all use a little more faith. In what area of YOUR life do you need more faith? Jesus set the example for us as He went to the cross, trusting in faith that God would fulfill His promise of resurrection. Join us for a message on the lessons of faith that we can learn from Jesus Christ’s journey to the cross.

What is your relationship with Jesus like

April 11, 2022 • Andy George

What is your relationship with Jesus like? What have YOU made it to be? Does your life echo praise back to your Creator through your thoughts, words and actions? Join us as we begin our journey through Hope Week and hear from Senior Pastor Andy George a message on aligning what’s important to us with what’s most important to Jesus.