Victory - Work Life Balance

Wisdom Lessons

March 27, 2022 • Andy George

In the words of Frank Lloyd Wright, "There is nothing more uncommon than common sense." Having wisdom is far more than having knowledge. In his sermon, "Wisdom Lessons," Crossroads Fellowship Pastor Andy George breaks down how gaining wisdom transforms us into become more like Christ.

Business As Mission: How To Have A Victorious Work-Life Balance

March 20, 2022

00:00 - "Gone" 03:58 - "Who Is Like the Lord" 09:37 - "Way Maker" 15:26 - Prayer Moment 21:33 - Next Steps & Missions Partner Video 29:30 - Sermon 1:06:07 - "What A Beautiful Name" & Closing Having busy schedules and a busy job, can easily lead to feeling consumed by your work each day. But how do you balance all your different professional, social, personal, and spiritual roles? Crossroads Fellowship Guest speaker, Joe Humphries, explains how to be a well-rounded leader and Christ follower in, "Business as Mission: How to Have a Victorious Work Life Balance."

Chasing After Riches and Work

March 13, 2022 • Andy George

You need money to pay the bills and provide for your family, so why does the Bible call money "a root of all kinds of evil"? In "Chasing After Riches and Work," Crossroads Fellowship Pastor Andy George challenges the world's definition of success while pointing to the true purpose of our lives.

All is Vanity

March 6, 2022 • Andy George

There are times when life seems senseless and all your efforts still feel like you are simply striving after nothing. If you've ever wondered, "What's the point of it all?" Crossroads Fellowship Pastor Andy George will help you find meaning and your purpose in "All is Vanity."