Who Are You, Really?

March 4, 2018 • Bill Ritchie • John 17:17

What defines you? For many, it's not something that has an easy answer. Our life choices are driven by the news, our families, or whatever promises the most success in our jobs and hobbies. But are these choices delivering the life we really want? Or are we making decisions based on a false reality and coming up empty? To find the person we were created to be, we need to make decisions based on truth, but how do we know what’s really true? Join us Sunday...you will be surprised to find out what truth really looks like in today's world.

Heavy Lifting

Matthew 11-25-30 • December 29, 2019 • Gabe Moreno

We’ve all heard the phrase “...put yourself in their shoes…”. While this may speak to the wisdom needed in waiting to make a judgement on a person’s character, it is also a commitment to consider the many potential burdens a person may be carrying in a given season. Jesus offers His strength and grace when it comes to lifting heavy burdens; instead of pointing out our many weaknesses. Our response is to bring all burdens to His feet and follow where He chooses to lead us.

The Work Of Ministry

Romans 15:14-21 • November 10, 2019 • Daniel Fusco

We are all called and empowered by Jesus to be a part of His transformational work in this world. As we always say, “Transformed people transform people.” As Jesus is transforming us, He invites us to partner with Him to help others know Him and be transformed. This process is called the “work of ministry” and we will be exploring that together today.

Unity, Anyone?

Psalm 133:1 • November 3, 2019 • Bill Ritchie

It seems like the whole world is fracturing. Look at our own nation. Whether it’s about homelessness, guns, violence, healthcare, or a host of other issues, we are far more divided than united, and it’s not getting any better. Is it just possible God has a better way, that he designed us for more?