Romans: Good News from God

Pastor Keith Krell - Fall 2019, Winter 2020, Fall 2020

A Ministry Mindset | Romans 1:1-7

September 15, 2019 • Pastor Keith Krell • Romans 1:1–7

Who has God called you to be? What has He called you to do? In the apostle Paul's longest greeting, he answers these questions and invites us to answer His call and abandon all.

Church on Mission | Romans 1:8-15

September 22, 2019 • Pastor Keith Krell • Romans 1:8–15

CBC's mission is "building a community that will change the world." But how do we know if we are fulfilling our mission? Romans 1:8-15 provides two evidences of a church

No Apologies Necessary | Romans 1:16-17

September 29, 2019 • Pastor Keith Krell • Romans 1:16–17

Do you sometimes feel powerless? Did you know that you have a power source at your disposal? Romans 1:16-17 explains where our true power is found.

The Black Velvet Backdrop | Romans 1:18-32

October 6, 2019 • Pastor Keith Krell • Romans 1:18–32

Why does God reveal His wrath from heaven? How does He go about doing so? Romans 1:18-32 provides surprising responses.

Judge and Jury | Romans 2:1-16

October 13, 2019 • Pastor Keith Krell • Romans 2:1–16

God is not only concerned about the overt sinner, but also the covert sinner. How does God judge people? Romans 2:1-16 provides three principles of God's judgment.

Satan's Greatest Lie | Romans 2:17-29

October 20, 2019 • Pastor Keith Krell • Romans 2:17–29

How can we avoid the charge of hypocrisy and experience praise from God? Paul imparts two warnings that define Christianity as a relationship, not a religion filled with rules and rituals.

Don't Go There | Romans 3:1-8

October 27, 2019 • Pastor Keith Krell • Romans 3:1–8

What false beliefs do you hold? What ideas have you adopted that are contrary to Scripture? In Romans 3:1-8 Paul challenges us to think rightly about ourselves and God.

I'm NOT Okay, You're NOT Okay. | Romans 3:9-20

November 3, 2019 • Pastor Keith Krell • Romans 3:9–20

What is the bottom line truth about humankind apart from Christ? Paul wraps up the Sin section (1:18-3:20) like a lawyer with a charge, an indictment, and a verdict. His devastatingly bad news prepares us for good news.

The Guts of the Gospel | Romans 3:21-26

November 10, 2019 • Pastor Keith Krell • Romans 3:21–26

The question of the ages asked by Job was: “How can a person be righteous before God?” (Job 9:2) Romans 3:21-26, the greatest paragraph in the Bible, sets out to answer that question with a thorough discussion of “the righteousness of God.”

Why Works Won't Work | Romans 3:27-4:12

November 17, 2019 • Pastor Keith Krell • Romans 3:27—4:12

Have you ever boasted in your own efforts or assumed that you contributed to your salvation? Why is it that works cancel out grace? Paul answers these questions and shares three essential truths related to justification.

Claim God's Promise | Romans 4:13-25

December 1, 2019 • Pastor Keith Krell • Romans 4:13–25

We live in in a world of broken promises. Fortunately, the original promise maker keeps His promises. Paul shares why we can trust God’s Word.

God's Benefit Package | Romans 5:1-11

December 8, 2019 • Pastor Keith Krell • Romans 5:1–11

Benefits are an important part of life. They influence our choice of a college, a job, and even a spouse. However, the most important benefits are those that accompany faith in Christ. In Romans 5:1-11, we will discover the unconditional and eternal benefits God offers.

A Tale of Two Heads | Romans 5:12-21

December 22, 2019 • Pastor Keith Krell • Romans 5:12–21

The human race is often divided by language, race, nationality, class, education, culture, and religion. But there's only one division that ultimately matters: Are you in Adam or in Christ? In Romans 5:12-21 we'll learn why this division is so eternally critical.

The Rise of the Living Dead | Romans 6:1-14

January 5, 2020 • Pastor Keith Krell • Romans 6:1–14

There are two important questions that every person must answer: "Who are you?" and, "What are you doing here?" How we answer these questions will determine the degree that we are able to honor Christ with our lives.

The Freedom of Slavery | Romans 6:15-23

January 12, 2020 • Pastor Keith Krell • Romans 6:15–23

Why shouldn't you sin? Is just one act of sin really that bad? Isn't God gracious and forgiving when dealing with sin? Paul answers these questions with warnings about the nature of sin and an exhortation on how to overcome it.