Made Different To Make A Difference 2.0

James Series

Made Different 2.0 Week 6

Truths About The Church: We Are The Church • September 8, 2018 • Paul Thurston

CrossPoint Hutchinson Campus Pastor Paul Thurston walks us through The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree found in Luke 13. Through this story and this message, we will receive some truths and challenges about who we are and who we should be as the church. Don't miss it!

Made Different 2.0 Week 5

We Were Made For Each Other • September 1, 2018 • Andy Addis

In the final week of Made Different to Make a Difference 2.0, Pastor Andy walks us through some verses in James 5 and explains why "we were made for each other." We will learn how we can come alongside those who are weary and beaten down and help provide restoration to their tired souls through truth of the gospel.

Made Different 2.0 Week 4

The Even Uglier Side Of Conflict • August 25, 2018 • Andy Addis

Conflict is a word that makes us all uncomfortable. None of us want to face it, but because we are all flawed humans, each of us experience it in different areas of our lives. Pastor Andy walks us through James 4 in this week's sermon, a passage in which we discover the truth behind conflict and how we can walk through seasons of conflict as God designed us to.

Made Different 2.0 Week 3

The Words That Make A Difference • August 18, 2018 • Andy Addis

Our speech is one of areas that can get us in the most trouble. Words carry more weight than we often realize, and James intently warns of this in James 3. Pastor Andy teaches about the way our words make a difference--in good and bad ways--and how we can choose to be a blessing with our words.

Made Different 2.0 Week 2

Faith Leaves A Mark • August 11, 2018 • Andy Addis

This week as Pastor Andy guides us through James 2, we discover that our faith is demonstrated by our faithfulness. There will be evidence of change in your life when you have been saved by grace because faith has hands and feet--is it to be lived out every day.

Made Different 2.0 Week 1

Razed To Be Raised • August 5, 2018 • Andy Addis

At the start of 2018, we kicked off the year with a series called Made Different to Make a Difference. In the "2.0" version of this series, we are walking through the book of James. In this first week of the series, Pastor Andy will talk about how we are to thrive in our trials.