My ____ Church Family

My ____ Church Family Week 4

The Radically Rescued Will Rescue Radically • June 9, 2018 • Andy Addis

My ____ Church Family Week 3

A Church Is Best When It Prays First • June 2, 2018 • Andy Addis

My _____ Church Family Week 2

The Gospel is the passion of the Church • May 26, 2018 • Andy Addis

Week 2 of My _____ Church Family walks through the Great Commission in Matthew 28:16-20. Pastor Andy explains the bottom line: the Gospel is the passion of the Church. Knowing this, we will unpack where our passion is rooted and how we can live it out both individually and corporately.

My ____ Church Family Week 1

Church Unity • May 19, 2018 • Paul Thurston

A continuation of the My _____ Family series, this new round of sermons shifts to discuss our church family. In this first week, Pastor Paul Thurston introduces the need for a unified church in a divided world. As he walks through Ephesians 4, we will learn about our calling and roles within the unified body of Christ.