A Study of the Book of Genesis

Ten Week 5

There Is A Godly Way To Start Again • October 13, 2018 • Andy Addis

How can you be hopeful of what God can do in the midst of feeling stuck in what you've done? All of us have a past, and some of us are incredibly burdened by our pasts. In the fifth week of "Ten," Pastor Andy will help us learn how we can have a fresh start.

Ten Week 4

What To Remember When You Stand Alone • October 6, 2018 • Andy Addis

This week Pastor Andy walks through the story of the Tower of Babel and reminds us what to remember when we stand alone. Don't miss another great message from the Ten series!

Ten Week 3

When The World Is Falling Apart • September 29, 2018 • Andy Addis

What do you do when the world is falling apart? In the narrative of Genesis, people experienced a series of difficult circumstances. At one point the world even seemed like it was coming to an end! But in the midst of it all, God was consistently faithful. This week we will study how God interacted with His people and how God's character then still stands in our lives today.

Ten Week 2

Living Above Average • September 22, 2018 • Andy Addis

In the second "chapter" of our Genesis study, three characters are highlighted because they stood out from everyone else in the way they looked, walked, worked, and lived. We will focus on these three characters in the genealogy because they teach us about living above average.

Ten Week 1

Revealing The Plan Leading To Your Fall • September 15, 2018 • Andy Addis

This week kicks off our new series! The series is titled "Ten" because the author of Genesis divided the book into ten "chapters" that were all designated by the phrase, "these are the generations of..." As we begin walking through Genesis in the first week of this series, we will look at The Fall that took place in the Garden of Eden. Pastor Andy will help us understand the mistakes that occurred at the beginning of humanity and how we can live differently.