Choose Wisely


Choose Wisely Week 7

The Undeniable Signs of the Sluggard • July 28, 2018 • Dave Atherton

In the final week of the Choose Wisely series, CrossPoint Hutchinson Youth Pastor, Dave Atherton, walks us through a passage in Proverbs that is referred to as the "Book of the Sluggard." He discusses who the sluggard is and who we should be instead.

Choose Wisely Week 6

Learning To Make Wise Decisions • July 21, 2018 • Andy Addis

Pastor Andy walks us through our theme verse for the Choose Wisely series in Week 5 of the series. Through this passage, we will learn three specific ways we can make wise decisions in our daily lives.

Choose Wisely Week 5

Leadership Axioms • July 14, 2018 • CrossPoint Teaching Team

Week 5 of Choose Wisely is brought to us by The CrossPoint Teaching Team (CP Hutchinson Youth Pastor Dave Atherton, CP Hutch Campus Pastor Paul Thurston, CP Salina Campus Pastor Ryan Booth, and CP Lead Pastor Andy Addis). This unique sermon will discuss four leadership axioms, each from a different perspective, that help us learn how to model wise leadership.

Choose Wisely Week 4

Choosing Your Words Wisely • July 7, 2018 • Andy Addis

In Week 4 of Choose Wisely, Pastor Andy will discuss how we should choose our words as outlined in Proverbs 13. We discover that in communication, it is important to listen, speak in a way that is helpful, and to even limit our speech.

Choose Wisely Week 3

Being Distinctly Different • June 30, 2018 • Paul Thurston

Pastor Paul Thurston from CrossPoint Hutchinson walks us through a portion of Proverbs 10 in the third week of the Choose Wisely series. In this passage we see that living wisely includes being distinctly different in all areas of our lives.

Choose Wisely Week 2

A Godly Life Is Lived One Choice At A Time • June 23, 2018 • Andy Addis

Pastor Andy is back for Week 2 of Choose Wisely! He walks us through Proverbs 4, in which we discover how our mind, mouth, eyes, and feet each work together and aid us in living a godly life.

Choose Wisely Week 1

The Fighting Father • June 16, 2018 • Ryan Booth

Pastor Ryan from CrossPoint Salina kicks off the series "Choose Wisely," which will walk through God's wisdom in the book of Proverbs. The "Fighting Father" is a man who fights for his family by going against the grain of culture to teach, shepherd, and breathe life into their families through the Gospel.