Ten Week 10

Preparing For Your Next...

November 17, 2018 • Andy Addis • Genesis 41:1-57

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Ten Week 9

The Anatomy Of A Bad Decision • November 10, 2018 • Andy Addis

This week we take a look at Jacob and Easu and their contentious relationship. Jacob, deceived his brother out of his birthright using Esau's hunger as a tool. Esau, who placed little value on his birthright, gave no consideration to the consequences of the bargain and willingly agreed. For this reason, it is said that Esau despised his birthright. We will look at how we make decisions. Good decision making is intentional and bad decision making is natural.

Ten Week 8

God Has A Better Plan For You Than You Do • November 3, 2018 • Andy Addis

This week we take a look at Jacob as he confronts God in the wilderness. Jacob was full of fear and desperation. But he ended the night of struggle with God’s blessing and a renewed faith. All of our struggling with God in faith leads to peace know God has a greater plan for us than we do for ourselves.

Ten Week 7

A Helpful Guide When Things Get Bad • October 28, 2018 • Andy Addis