A Better Way

What does True Religion look like in these times?

The Cure for the Age of Rage

Under Pressure - Series in James


The Cure for Uncertainty

Under Pressure

James 1:1-4

Who Will Choose Your New Normal?

Family Reset 2

Family Reset- Who shapes your kids?

Reseting our family priorities.

Where Do You Turn in Uncertain Times?

Why Believe?

Why Believe the Bible? (part 2)

How were the NT books chosen?

Why Believe the Bible?

The Resurrection- Did it happen & does it matter?

Believe or Imagine

Shaken or Stirred

from our CrossLife Live Stream

Dealing with Doubts

Exploring Doubts, Deconstruction, & Reconstruction of Faith

Who Should You Believe?

How to spot a false teacher.

Why are Churches so Unhealthy?

Health in Leaders and Churches

Being a Leader Worth Following

Preparing for the Future Storm

How can you avoid drifting away from your faith?

Who Leads the Church

What is God's Plan to Shepherd His People?

Gender Roles in Creation, Church, and Culture

How important are the roles of men and women in the Church?

Adrift (Part 2)

Finding an Anchor in an Age of Drift (Part 2)

Adrift (part 1)

Finding an Anchor in an Age of Drift