What's Your Evidence?

BOLD. Series in the Book of Acts

September 15, 2019 • Pastor David Anglin • Acts 25-26

In Acts 25-26, Paul finds himself on trial again. Paul did not see this as a tragedy but rather another opportunity to give the evidence and defense for his only hope in life. A "hope" so confident that Paul was ready to die, if necessary, before he would stop sharing it. What is the basis of your hope? Is your hope built upon any real evidence? For Paul, this was an easy question to answer. King Agrippa was almost persuaded to believe in Paul's message but refused to bend his will saying, "Do you think you can persuade me to become a Christian that quickly?" Paul's response was quick and clear, "I wish that all would become like me, yet without the chains." Do you live a life anyone would really want to have? Do you live a life worth inviting others to share in? This Sunday, we will find some important answers in the life of Paul.

Surviving a Shipwreck

Acts 27 • September 22, 2019 • Pastor David Anglin

I know from personal experience that storms and the impending threat of shipwreck can cause many dark and fearful thoughts to run through a person's mind. In Acts 27, Paul is finally sailing for Rome. Before long they find themselves in the Perfect Storm. Like the 1991 storm off Massachusetts that doomed the Andrea Gail inspiring the movie, The Perfect Storm. Their ship is blown far off course and they are at the mercy of the wind, rain, and rocks. Shipwreck seems unavoidable and all hope is lost. How can a person survive a shipwreck when the storms of life are pushing them towards the rocks? Paul gives us some important anchors that can stabilize us in the storm and preserve us when we hit the rocks. In Acts 27 we can find the critical tools we need to Survive a Shipwreck.

Dealing with Critics

Acts 23-25 • September 8, 2019 • Pastor David Anglin

Criticism is not a new thing. Being critical of others is easy to do and it seems attacking others especially on social media is easier than over. People will direct criticisms and verbal attacks on social media today, for the WORLD-WIDE-WEB to see, that they would never have the guts to say to another individual face to face. More and more people are lacking social skills and a relational I.Q. to handle disagreements in person. Why have a face to face conversation when its easier to launch a social media grenade at ones convenience on one's iPhone? In Acts 23-25, Paul gives us some training on how to handle critics. After being beaten, arrested, and falsely accused with emotional arguments void of any facts, Paul spends no less than two long years sitting in jail north of Jerusalem in Caesarea-by-the-Sea. Paul handles his critics with unwavering grace and strength while making the most of every moment. There are some helpful principles that we would be wise to learn from Paul’s experience and example.

Is Your God Safe?

Acts 19 • August 18, 2019 • Pastor David Anglin

When is the last time you considered your understanding of God? Is your God safe? Is your view of God easily explained, defined, and understood? In Acts 19, there is a group of religious men who are impressed by God's power displayed in miraculous ways. The men dangerously attempt to take on a demon-possessed man borrowing God's power. They thought God's power could be borrowed and used as a spiritual good luck charm. Does God exists for our good pleasure and perform spiritual tricks to give us the life we think we need?