Ruth: Week 6

September 13, 2023 • Kelly Collins • Ruth 2:17–23, Ruth 2:2–5

At the end of chapter 2 we see Ruth return to Naomi with abundance and we see the pieces begin to come together as Naomi realizes that the field Ruth has been working in belongs to their kinsmen redeemer, Boaz. Ruth’s humility and willingness to do the “next right thing” spurs us on to take a brave step forward, full of faith, when we cannot see the whole picture.

Ruth: Week 8

September 27, 2023 • Kelly Collins • Ruth 4

In our final week in Ruth we will see the end of this beautiful story and how God brings hope from despair, bitterness to blessing and makes the empty, full! We will also see the end of Ruth pointing us forward to God’s great story of redemption and the sovereignty with which He reigns!

Ruth: Week 7

September 20, 2023 • Kelly Collins • Ruth 3

Naomi has presented Ruth with a plan to go to the threshing floor and make her intentions known to Boaz, this week we will walk through that experience as well as see how Boaz responds.

Ruth: Week 5

September 6, 2023 • Kelly Collins • Ruth 2:8–16

We take a deep dive into the first conversation that Boaz and Ruth have and we see glimpses of the Gospel in the compassionate invitation, extravagant provision, place at the table and the promise of protection that is offered. We see echoes of our own story, that the Lord of the harvest offers us provision and protection if we stay in His field.