Paul’s Obedience

Acts Series

April 20, 2022 • Brad Randall • Acts 21:7–14

As Paul completed his missionary journeys, more suffering awaited him. Regardless of what was ahead, he remained obedient God’s call on his life. It teaches us that God’s call on our life usually means hardship and temptation will come. However, obedience is always worth it!

End of the Beginning

May 18, 2022 • Brad Randall • Acts 28:23–31

As we come to the end of the Book of Acts, we are reminded that the story of the Body of Christ is still being written. He is still moving and the Gospel is still advancing throughout the world. The Church, God’s Children, are still called to live boldly and see God-given opportunities.

Divine Shipwrecks

May 4, 2022 • Brad Randall • Acts 27:21–36

Divine Shipwrecks

Mad Men

April 27, 2022 • Brad Randall • Acts 26:24–32, Acts 26:19–23

To the world, we seem out of our minds. It is easy for the world to wonder why we believe what we believe and why we do what we do. However, we know that serving God and having our faith in him is actually sane and rational.