I AM the Good Shepherd

Sermon Only

February 21, 2021 • David Jett • 9 AM Sunday Morning Sermon • John 10:10-17

To the measure you will DEPEND determines the measure Jesus will DEFEND.

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I AM the Bread of Life

Sermon Only • February 28, 2021 • David Jett

The feeding of the 5,000 is the only miracle/sign Jesus performed that is recorded in all four of the Gospels… (Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 6:32-44; Luke 9:10-17; John 6:1-13) Let's take a look as to its significance that cannot be overstated!

I AM the Door

Sermon Only • February 14, 2021 • David Jett

Jesus is our ENTRANCE into God’s KINGDOM and our ACCESS into God’s BLESSINGS!

Jesus is God

Sermon Only • February 7, 2021 • David Jett

As our CULTURE is becoming more SECULARIZED, CHRISTIANS are becoming more DEMONIZED, BIBLICAL FAITH is becoming more OSTRACIZED, because JESUS is becoming more TRIVIALIZED!