Exodus Week Three

Exodus Series

January 26, 2022 • Kelly Collins • Acts 7:23–29, Acts 3:1–22, Acts 2:11–25

As we unpack a familiar part of this story we will see Moses’ divine commissioning and hear God’s reminder of who He is and what He wants to accomplish through the life of Moses.

Exodus Week Fourteen

May 4, 2022 • Janna Pinter • Exodus 17:1–7, Jude 14–16, Exodus 17:5–6, John 7:37–39, Exodus 17:8–16

We will continue our journey with the Israelites in the wilderness in route to the Promised Land. Last week they grumbled against Moses over their physical hunger. This week they quarrel with Moses and test the LORD over their physical thirst. Once again the LORD meets their immediate need. However, as with the previous chapter, what is exposed is their doubt in the goodness of God. We, just like the Israelites, can lose sight of His goodness when we take our eyes off of Him and fix them on our circumstances. We will also see the importance of depending on His strength, the necessity of community, and the posture of keeping our hands up during the battles of life.

Exodus Week Thirteen

April 27, 2022 • Rachel Hudson • Exodus 16:9–36

The Israelites are spending their first days in the wilderness after their exit from Egypt and are learning what it means to depend on the Lord for their daily bread. Just as the Israelites learned to rely on God for provision, we must also learn to rely on the Bread of life and Living Water, Jesus Christ.

Exodus Week Twelve

April 20, 2022 • Kelly Collins • Exodus 14:13–18

After God miraculously makes a way for the children of Israel through the Red Sea they sing a song proclaiming the Lord as their strength, song and salvation!