Men of Honor Man Camp

Living Waters Camp

April 28, 6:00pm - April 30, 2023 9:00am

Man Camp is designed to ignite a fire for intentional kingdom living with other men of God through outdoor activities, great food, engaging worship, and powerful messages of conviction. It is a reminder that every man is called to a life of honesty, purity, morality, and integrity! Become the man God intends you to be and shine a light into a dark world. Men were never destined to be alone in this walk with God. Join us for a powerful time as we seek God for His purpose and destiny in our lives, Join us as we continuously strive to be "Men of Honor" Sponsored by Crossfire "Men of Honor" men's Ministry Crossfire Men's Ministry is dedicated to training and teaching men how to serve Jesus in the times we live. Please join us for incredible times of fellowship as we learn together what a man of God looks like so that we can show the world that men of God are "Men of Honor" Where: Crossfire's Living Waters Camp and Conference Center: 39545 Deerhorn Rd. Springfield, OR 97478 When: Thursday night, April 27th (Prayer and Fellowship dinner) to Sunday morning, Apr 30th Available Activities: Basketball, Darts, Axe Throwing, Horseshoes, Hiking, Fishing, Golf, Card and Board Games, and Fellowship and much more. What to Bring: Bible, Pen, Paper, Toiletries, Bedding (Pillow and Sleeping Bag), Personal dietary items. While we fully support all Constitutional Laws, we ask anyone bringing firearms, or weapons of any sort on site, please do so in a responsible and considerate manner thinking of those around you. Not only how they may view it but how it may effect them from a moral, ethical, and even legal stand point. We hope to see you, (And at least one invitee) at Man Camp 2023 and, we look forward to what God has in store for us through our Guest Speaker! Abner Suarez's life is a testimony of the goodness and faithfulness of God upon a person's life. As a freshman in college, Abner's life and destiny would be forever altered through a moment of surrender that resulted in a life-changing encounter. Since that moment, Abner's life has been marked with a deep hunger to know God and to walk as an expression of His character and power as a lifestyle. Over twenty years after his life changing encounter, Abner's journey in pursuing God's assignment upon his life had taken him around the world where He functions as a speaker, prophetic voice and advisor. His ministry is marked with the ability to call forth the destiny of individuals, churches, cities and nations of the world. He has been welcomed in a variety of streams in the Body of Christ as well as different sectors of society, including government, education, and business. His greatest passion is simply knowing God. From a posture of friendship, he has a God-given mandate to quip the people to display the brilliance of God in the earth.