Are You a Wise Apologist (or Just a Wise Guy)?

with Jorge Gil and John Ferrer

March 14, 2023 • Jorge Gil, John Ferrer

There comes a time in every Christian’s life when their faith will be challenged. Apologetics has become a resource for many Christians who have the desire to learn how to defend the faith with confidence. Oftentimes that confidence can morph into contention when people lose sight of the reason why they studied apologetics in the first place. When used properly, apologetics can be a tool used for evangelism. But when the need to win an argument trumps the desire to spread the Gospel, apologetics can quickly become an outlet for friendly fire.

In this midweek podcast episode, guest hosts and CrossExamined speakers Jorge Gil and Dr. John Ferrer guide us through steps we can take to avoid becoming combative apologists. They also touch on the issue of social media and how it has impacted the field of apologetics. Some of the questions addressed in this episode are:

·     What can and cannot be accomplished through apologetics?

·     What motivates you to learn apologetics?

·     Are you loving people through your apologetics?

·     Has apologetics replaced your devotional life?

·     Are you spreading truth or hurling truth bombs?

·     How do we balance truth and grace when defending Christianity?

Defending the faith is a skill that all Christians can be excited about developing as long as we remember the WHY of our defense. Don’t let your passion for apologetics kill your compassion for people!

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