Exposing More Contradictions

December 2, 2017 • Frank Turek

In this brief podcast, Frank tackles some of the inconsistencies of adhering to a worldview that claims we can choose our own gender. He also educates those who claim that one can be “racists” against Islam (Muslims).


Jezebel’s War with America • August 24, 2019 • Dr. Michael Brown

Jezebel was the most wicked woman in the Bible, a powerful seductress who killed the prophets led Israel into idolatry and immorality, and emasculated men. She was seductive and determined to snuff out the voices coming against her because these voices were calling out for repentance. In 21st century America, Jezebel is not a person, and America is not in the Bible. But it’s as if the spirit of Jezebel is alive again today. The influence of the same demonic force is being felt in throughout America in overwhelming and undeniable ways. Join Frank and Dr. Michael Brown as they uncover and respond to these dark forces by unpacking Mike’s brilliant new book “Jezebel’s War with America.” You’ll hear: · Who was Jezebel in the Bible? · What is spiritual warfare? · Should we really believe in demons and Satan? · Why are people now celebrating abortion and the killing of infants? · How prevalent are pornography and sexual slavery? (You won’t believe this!) · Why is the church silent? · Is Trump hatred justified in light of his policies and demeanor? · What are some practical things you can do to advance the spirit of Jesus rather than Jezebel? Learn more at Dr. Brown’s website: www.AskDrBrown.org.


Leaving Christianity for new truth? • August 17, 2019 • Frank Turek

· Are people leaving Christianity for a “new" truth? · Does science keep piercing the truth of every religion? · Is the Bible full of contradictions? · Does God send 4 billion people to hell? · Is it really true that no one talks about these things? Join Frank and he responds to these issues raised by Marty Sampson, the Hillsong worship leader who says that his faith is now on “Incredibly shaky ground.” Frank also highlights some of the comments made about this by John Cooper, of the Christian rock band Skillet. Pray for Mr. Sampson. He says that he is familiar with the work of William Lane Craig, John Lennox, Ravi Zacharias, Michael Licona and Frank Turek. We pray he will get the answers he needs. Frank also addressed a few of the questions you’ve sent in, including: · Why did God wait so long to stop the child sacrifice of the Canaanites? · How can you follow a God who promises eternal torture? · (Does He actually promise that?) · Why did God give Adam and Eve access to the tree in the garden?


Is it arrogant to say you’re right? And many other questions • August 10, 2019 • Frank Turek

Is it arrogant to say you’re right? And many other questions. So you think you’re right and everyone else is wrong! You’re arrogant! Is that true? Frank answers many of the questions you’ve emailed to Hello@Crossexamined.org including: · Is love possible if atheism is true? · Unless you observe it directly, do you have to have faith to believe it? · Why pray when these shootings keep happening? · How can we love America when its founders were slave owners? · Why do we say the god of the bible is the ground of morality? · Is once saved, always saved, true? What about those who fall away? · Did we god create us, or did we create god? · Is it arrogant and pompous to say you’re right and others are wrong?