Are You a Selective Moralizer?

July 11, 2020 • Frank Turek

What makes you think that your moral views are correct? If you were a white person in the Southern U.S. in 1840, what would you think of slavery? If you lived anywhere in the U.S. in 1840, what would you think of abortion? How about homosexual behavior and same-sex marriage? Are you just a product of your culture? Is morality just a product of your culture? Frank delves deep into current events and philosophy to discover what the real truth is, and to expose the selective moralizing that infects cancel culture advocates. He also proposes what is the most egregious injustice by race and the biggest reason for unequal results by race. Lots of important ground is covered here. Don’t miss this one!


The Mike Adams I Knew and Loved • August 1, 2020 • Frank Turek

Our friend Dr. Mike Adams has died. He was a UNC Wilmington Criminology Professor, a Summit Professor, a columnist, and author, a Free Speech and Pro-life Warrior, a fellow instructor with Frank and J. Warner Wallace on our Fearless Faith seminar, and most importantly, a born again Christian. Authorities are ruling it a suicide. Is that really what happened, and if so, why? Frank has some answers as he honors a man of love and courage whom many misunderstood and vilified. Beware: this tribute is direct and raw.


Combat Operations and Christianity with Jason Sweet, Veteran USAF Special OPs • July 25, 2020 • Jason Sweet

“If men were angels, no government would be necessary,” said James Madison, Father of the U.S. Constitution. Since our natures are bent toward evil, someone must have the authority to protect innocent people from those who want to do evil. God gave the government that authority. Is it Christian to use force to restore the peace? Frank invites former USAF Pararescue jumper (PJ), Jason Sweet, on the show to discuss how special forces training and combat operations provide parallels to the Christian life. Jason, who now trains special forces candidates through socomathlete.com, shares his experience in PJ training and in combat in Afghanistan. This is a fascinating show.


2084 with Dr. John Lennox • July 18, 2020 • John Lennox

Summoning a Demon” is how Tesla CEO Elon Musk referred to Artificial Intelligence. Is he right? Artificial Intelligence is here, and more is coming. Will it bring us utopia or dystopia? Should we be enthralled or afraid? What are the ethics of AI? Will AI machines ever become conscious? What does the Bible have to say about AI? Could AI actually be predicted by the book of Revelation? Frank interviews the great John Lennox, who has written a provocative new book on AI. It’s fittingly called 2084, and he is the guest for the entire program.