Exposing Atheist Contradictions

November 25, 2017 • Frank Turek

Frank exposes several contradictions that are unavoidable if one holds to a materialistic, atheistic worldview. There seems to be a mismatch between their beliefs and reality, and we should point this out. Another great podcast by Dr. Turek.


ENCORE: Frank’s recent interview with Ravi Zacharias • May 30, 2020 • Ravi Zacharias

Frank interviews the Great Ravi Zacharias who has been bringing grace and truth all over the world for nearly fifty years. Ravi’s new devotional book is called The Logic of God, and the two apologists discuss many of its insights into this fascinating program. Here are some of the questions Frank asks Ravi: Why did you write The Logic of God? What does it mean to be a moral law apologist? How do you respond to the objection that Christianity is too exclusive? It claims to be the only way! You write that Jesus claimed to be the truth and, therefore, to reject Jesus is to govern yourself with a lie. That’s profound. In my experience taking questions on college campuses, people would rather govern themselves with lies than submit to the truth. What have you found to be the most effective method of dealing with people who don’t want Christianity to be true? In the West, you say that pain and suffering isn’t as a big a problem as the problem of pleasure. What do you mean by that? Young people are struggling with identity, meaning, and purpose. What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? You write, “Jesus does not offer to make bad people good but to make dead people alive.” Unpack that further for us.


Reflecting on Ravi with Abdu Murray • May 23, 2020 • Abdu Murray

Frank reflects on the life of the late great Ravi Zacharias, with Abdu Murray, the Senior VP of RZIM, and author of the new book with Ravi titled Seeing Jesus From the East. You can reflect on Ravi’s life as well by leaving your tributes at RZIM.org where you can also make a donation to advance their ongoing work. Next week Frank will reveal what he believes are some of Ravi’s greatest teachings.


Principles to Keep in Mind When Evaluating COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories • May 16, 2020 • J. Warner Wallace

J. Warner Wallace guest hosts for Dr. Frank Turek and describes several principles to help evaluate COVID-19 Conspiracy theories based on his casework as a cold-case detective.