5 Royal Problems with MacroEvolution

January 7, 2017 • Stephen Meyer & Doug Axe

The Royal Society called for a meeting to revise the standard theory of evolution because of the many issues with such theory. Our two guests who are experts in the field went there and are here to talk about the top 5 problems with Macro-Evolutionary Neo-Darwinian theory. Find out what they are! “Developments in evolutionary biology and adjacent fields have produced calls for revision of the standard theory of evolution, although the issues involved remain hotly contested.” ― The Royal Society.

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New Testament Textual Criticism with Dr. Daniel B. Wallace • October 21, 2017 • Dr. Daniel B. Wallace

In this fascinating interview, Dr. Daniel B. Wallace shares some insights with us about what New Testament textual criticism is and why is important for us as Christians to understand the process. He explains why we should trust the content of the New Testament from a scholarly perspective and why we should be confident that what we have today is what was written almost two millennia ago despite the many objections skeptics like Barth Ehrman bring against it. He also invites us to join his brand new online course on ReasonU.com starting Oct. 30th, 2017.


The Secret Battle of Ideas About God • October 14, 2017 • Dr. Jeff Myers

A virus has been spreading across America. Chances are you’ve already been infected without even realizing it. The virus is made up of dangerous ideas—worldviews that don’t reflect Jesus and biblical living. According to a recent Barna study, less than one in five practicing Christians have a biblical worldview. Idea viruses—stemming from secularism, Marxism, postmodernism, new spirituality, and Islam—are rampant in our churches today. But don’t give up—there is hope! The Secret Battle of Ideas about God is a manual for winning the battle of ideas that is raging for our hearts and minds. Join Dr. Jeff Myers on this podcast as he’s interviewed by Frank about his fascinating new book ➡️The Secret Battle of Ideas About God!


The NFL and Apologetics with Dr. Richard Howe. • September 30, 2017 • Richard Howe

Frank weighs in the NFL controversy in the first segment. In the rest of the show, he interviews the great Dr. Richard G. Howe about his upcoming dialogue with Ken Ham and his debate with Dan Barker (Co-President of the Freedom From Religion Foundation) at the SES National Conference on Christian Apologetics October 13th, 2017.