5 Royal Problems with MacroEvolution

January 7, 2017 • Stephen Meyer & Doug Axe

The Royal Society called for a meeting to revise the standard theory of evolution because of the many issues with such theory. Our two guests who are experts in the field went there and are here to talk about the top 5 problems with Macro-Evolutionary Neo-Darwinian theory. Find out what they are! “Developments in evolutionary biology and adjacent fields have produced calls for revision of the standard theory of evolution, although the issues involved remain hotly contested.” ― The Royal Society.


Failed Arguments Against Miracles • March 17, 2018 • Frank Turek

If miracles are not possible, then Christianity cannot be true. Many across the centuries have tried to bring arguments against miracles. Maybe the most famous advocate against the possibility of miracles is David Hume. Almost three hundred years after his death, Hume's argument is still being taught in philosophy courses around the world today. In this podcast, Frank shows why Hume's argument fails and why other arguments against miracles tend to be circular.


Miracles: Do They Occur? • March 12, 2018 • Frank Turek

What are miracles? Do They Occur? What about the miracles in Biblical times? Dr. Frank Turek discusses the six different categories of unusual events and whether miracles occur today. This is a fundamental truth of our Christian Faith, make sure you know how to engage in conversation about with topic.


How to Doubt your Doubts • March 3, 2018 • Michael Patton

Frank interviews Credo Courses founder and theologian Michael Patton. They discuss an article written by Patton where the infamous Richard Dawkins left a personal comment. This interview focus on the topic of doubt. We all have doubts, so what's the best way to deal with them?