Is Progressive Christianity really "Good News"?

May 4, 2019 • Alisa Childers

The emergent (and dangerous) phenomenon of "Progressive Christianity" is coming to a church near you. Our guest host Alisa Childers is not only an expert in the topic, but she has experienced it first hand. We're going to list a few symptoms of a progressive church here, but you will have to listen to this episode to learn more. Here are the symptoms: ∙ A lowered view of the Bible ∙ Feelings are emphasized over facts ∙ Essential Christian doctrines are open for reinterpretationHistoric terms are redefined ∙ The heart of the gospel message shifts from sin and redemption to social justice Uh oh! If this sounds familiar, you really need to listen to this podcast with Alisa Childers. Don't miss it and make sure to share it with a friend that may need to hear this!


Mama Bear Apologetics • June 22, 2019 • Hillary Morgan Ferrer

If you get between a mama bear and her cubs, you’ll be in big trouble. Frank interviews Hillary Morgan Ferrer, who joined up with other mama bears, to show you how you can protect your cubs from the trouble generated by the false ideas that are celebrated in our culture. These include: Self-Help Culture: the false belief that we are capable of fixing all of our own problems Naturalism: the false assumption that natural laws alone govern order and complexity Emotionalism: the irrational faith that our emotions can define objective truth and reality Moral Relativism: the dissonance of accepting all beliefs as equally true Progressive Christianity: omitting difficult theology in favor of a more politically correct version Don’t miss Frank and Hillary’s discussion about the five words that our culture has redefined, confusing our children to the point that they are leaving Christianity and making other dangerous choices. To get the full benefit of this podcast, you really need to get a copy of Mama Bear Apologetics. It’s a guidebook for parents and mentors who want to help kids gain critical thinking skills needed to reject cultural lies but may not know how to address every alternative viewpoint a child will face.


Is morality bad for business? • June 15, 2019 • Frank Turek

According to 180 CEOs, it is… at least the morality based on God’s Good nature. They claim that abortion bans go “against our values and [are] bad for business.” They claim abortion bans are a ban on “equality.” What do they mean by equality? What do they mean by bad? What standard are they using to make such assertions? Was banning slavery bad for business? Are we supposed to base moral decisions on economic results? Join Frank and as he unpacks this hot issue and shows why you shouldn’t be a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. He also addresses a difficult question from a listener about believing in a God who allows so much evil.


The New Absolutes • June 8, 2019 • Frank Turek

What is happening to our culture’s moral values? Is it really radical relativism: everyone gets to decide what is right in his own eyes? Join Frank to find out that there’s actually a new set of absolutes that our culture is adopting. And these new absolutes are often polar opposites of those grounded in God’s Good nature. For example: The old absolute is purity; the new absolute is promiscuity The old absolute is humility; the new absolute is pride The old absolute is truth; the new absolute is power The old absolute is love; the new absolute is tolerance The old absolute is religious freedom; the new absolute is sexual supremacy And many others. Frank blows the lid off the claim that only Christians or conservatives are trying to impose a moral position. Everyone is! The problem for the proponents of the new absolutes is that they have no objective standard to support their positions. In the last segment Frank answers questions about the universe coming from nothing, and how to reach apathetic people. Don’t be apathetic about this one. Please listen and share!