Slavery with Paul Copan

May 11, 2013


The New Absolutes • June 8, 2019 • Frank Turek

What is happening to our culture’s moral values? Is it really radical relativism: everyone gets to decide what is right in his own eyes? Join Frank to find out that there’s actually a new set of absolutes that our culture is adopting. And these new absolutes are often polar opposites of those grounded in God’s Good nature. For example: The old absolute is purity; the new absolute is promiscuity The old absolute is humility; the new absolute is pride The old absolute is truth; the new absolute is power The old absolute is love; the new absolute is tolerance The old absolute is religious freedom; the new absolute is sexual supremacy And many others. Frank blows the lid off the claim that only Christians or conservatives are trying to impose a moral position. Everyone is! The problem for the proponents of the new absolutes is that they have no objective standard to support their positions. In the last segment Frank answers questions about the universe coming from nothing, and how to reach apathetic people. Don’t be apathetic about this one. Please listen and share!

The video YouTube banned

David Silverman Denies That The Holocaust Was Objectively Wrong • Frank Turek

Frank Turek and David Silverman debate about absolute or objective morality. While Silverman doesn't prefer the mass killing of Jews, he denies that the mass killings were objectively wrong. It's just his opinion vs. another person's opinion


Navigating a Post-truth Culture • June 1, 2019 • Ray Ciervo

We live in a post-truth culture, but how did we get here? In this episode, Dr. Ray Ciervo fills in for Frank and answer that and many other questions related to this extremely relevant topic. He shares some great insights on how to reach those who have bought into this whole idea, and how to turn a skeptic into a seeker.