He Shall Be Called

Advent 2021

Prince of Peace

December 19, 2021 • Steve Lammers • Isaiah 9:6–7

Join us as we wrap up Advent series, to hear about Jesus as the Prince of Peace. Even though the world around us is full of brokenness and hurt, the coming of Jesus to earth and his sacrifice for his people shines a light in the darkness, that will one day dispel all sorrow and injustice.

Everlasting Father

December 12, 2021 • Gianluca Cueva • Isaiah 9:2–7

What does it mean for Jesus to be called Everlasting Father? Be encouraged this week as we see how much Jesus cares for and watches over us like a perfect father, and that He has done this, is doing it right now, and will continue to do so, for all eternity.

Mighty God

December 5, 2021 • Eric Olson • Isaiah 9:6–7

The LORD is a Mighty God, one who saves his people from their oppression, and ultimately and finally, from our sins. Let us take comfort in the fact the He does indeed save us, and nothing and no one can stand against him.

Wonderful Counselor

November 28, 2021 • Michael Roop • Isaiah 9:2–7

The King that Israel was waiting for was prophesied of many times, and in this passage we see one who will come and be an advisor with unfathomable wisdom and discernment, who will guide his nation out of darkness and into the light. Join with us in this Advent season as we look into Isaiah 9:6 and all the history that comes with it so that we can more fully anticipate the miraculous birth of Jesus.