Exodus 15-25

Set Apart

Convenant Confirmed

April 10, 2022 • Steve Gregg • Exodus 23:20—24:18

How is this part of the Covenant brought to a close? God gives his promise of conquest in the Promised Land, covenanting his people to trust him and to obey him, which is still what we must do, trusting that God loves and cares for his children whom he has redeemed. And that our salvation is not earned through obedience, but strengthened and proven through it.

Justice and Flourishing

April 3, 2022 • Steve Gregg • Exodus 22:16—23:19

What is God's purpose behind these (sometimes obscure) laws? See how the LORD gives his grace and his justice in his law to ensure a peaceful and just society.


March 27, 2022 • Steve Lammers • Exodus 21:33—22:15

What is the theme for God's law in this section of Exodus? As we here from more of the law codes, we see both God's grace and justice in the codes concerning restitution and restoration, showing the paramount value of human life.

Protecting the Vulnerable

March 20, 2022 • Eric Olson • Exodus 21:1–32

How are we to see the goodness of the scripture in these difficult passages? See how the LORD has made provision for the vulnerable among the Hebrew people in these law codes, to show the dignity of each human life.

The Right Kind of Fear

March 6, 2022 • Michael Roop • Exodus 20:12–21

Why does God give his people this good law at this time? As we go through the last of the Commandments, and then see the resulting reaction of the people to God's power, we can understand how we need the right kind of fear of the LORD.

Remember the Sabbath

February 27, 2022 • Michael Roop • Exodus 20:8–11

Why does God command the people to 'Remember the Sabbath'? Hear of God's goodness through the command given to the people, to find true life by imitating him.

Loving God

February 20, 2022 • Michael Roop • Exodus 20:1–7

What are the first instructions on the mountain from the LORD to his people? As we consider these things, let us seek to follow closely after God, recognizing this law for the gift it is in shaping us to be more like God, to be formed more into his image.

At the Mountain

February 13, 2022 • Steve Gregg • Exodus 19

Have you forgotten the Holy and Awesome nature of the LORD? As God descends onto the mountain, in holy fire and clouds, the people and Moses must consecrate themselves to be close to God. How much more wonderful it is for us who have the Holy Spirit inside of us, a sign of our redemption and righteousness that Christ given to us.

The (un)Expected Priest

February 6, 2022 • Gianluca Cueva • Exodus 18

Ever had God send his provision from an unlikely source? As Jethro arrives at the Israelite camp to see Moses, we see faithfulness from the foreigner father-in-law who praises the LORD for his provision for the people and offers sacrifices, as well as giving wisdom to Moses in how he, and we, should organize our systems for the good of the leaders and for those in the community.

Hands Held High

January 30, 2022 • Michael Roop • Exodus 17

Does this passage sound familiar? As we follow the people throughout their wilderness sojourn where they fail in a familiar way, we see how crucial it is for us react to failure, trial, and hardship, by running into the arms of the Father, approaching the throne of grace through the blood of Jesus.

What Is It?

January 23, 2022 • Michael Roop • Exodus 16

What is that on the ground? As we dive into a beautiful instance of God's provision for his people, we can see how God uses both the practice of gathering manna that only He can provide, and the practicing of the Sabbath, in order to form his people to be holier and ready to enter the rest of the Promised Land.


January 9, 2022 • Steve Gregg • Exodus 15:22–27

How do the people respond to God's testing when they first enter the wilderness? As we see major themes start to unfold of God's testing (or training), the people's grumbling response, and the continued faithfulness of God, we should be encouraged and exhorted to not doubt the goodness of God and see how we ought to live our lives.

Sing to the Lord

January 2, 2022 • Steve Gregg • Exodus 15:1–21

How do Moses and the rescued Hebrew people respond to God's great work for them? Through songs of praise and victory in the triumph of the Lord over evil, which helps us to strengthen our hope in the Lord, who has rescued us from slavery to sin and death and will one day enact final justice on the world.