Physical Education: The Significance of God's Presence and Ours

Co-taught by Chipper Flaniken and Michael Roop

Session 6 | The Local Church

April 4, 2022 • Chipper Flaniken, Michael Roop

We bring the class to close by focusing in on the local church. Pastor Mike leads us in a compelling conversation and teaching about the need for physical presence in the body of Christ, especially on the local scale in our geographic location.

Session 5 | The Sacraments

March 28, 2022 • Michael Roop, Chipper Flaniken

Chipper leads us through the sacraments (ordinances) with a special focus on the Lord's Supper and the importance of God's presence and bodily presence with participating with the sacraments.

Session 4 | Digital (de)Formation

March 14, 2022 • Chipper Flaniken, Michael Roop

Listen to this session from Pastor Chipper as we dig deep into the way digital technology shapes us beneath the surface and the good and the bad of technology, among many other relevant ideas for us to consider in the light of God's design for our bodies and lives.

Session 3 | Neighborhoods

March 7, 2022 • Michael Roop, Chipper Flaniken

Pastor Mike leads us in teaching and discussion centered on the idea of God's and the local church's presence in neighborhoods, and how we posture ourselves towards the world around us to be a faithful presence as Jesus was when he walked this earth.

Session 2 | A Biblical Theology of the Body

February 28, 2022

Pastor Chipper leads the class through a biblical theology of the body, emphasizing how the body lines up in the 4-chapter story of the Bible (Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration) and we ponder how regaining the goodness of our body is key to living in the hope of Christ and in shining a light to a dark world.

Session 1 | A Biblical Theology of God’s Presence

February 21, 2022

Listen with us for the starting class with both City Church and Creekside Community Church that dives into the importance and the theology of God's presence and of physical presence. Pastor Mike from Creekside leads us in the introduction to the class and a biblical theology of God's presence.