December 31, 2017 • Lead Pastor Randall Owens

“NEXT” Well, in a few hours, 2017 will be in the history books, and quite honestly, we probably all have mixed emotions about it.  Each year gets judged by the events, good and bad, that we attach to their days.  Every year has highlights and lowlights that are high or low enough to get remembered.  And while we aren't promised tomorrow, we do presume we will be here tomorrow.  On that presumption, we make plans and look down the road of our future.  That's what I want to address today.  What's next for you?  I mean, what's your plan?  What’s your next step?  If you are on a spiritual journey (or not), what is your next spiritual step as you continue to mature, which by the way, is God's plan for you.

"Individually Together"

February 1, 2020 • Lead Pastor Randall Owens

"Selfie Mode"

January 26, 2020 • Lead Pastor Randall Owens


January 19, 2020 • Lead Pastor Randall Owens