The Good And Beautiful God

God Transforms

September 3, 2017 • Pastor Ryan Ireland

In our final week of our Good and Beautiful God series, Pastor Ryan our Youth Pastor speaks for us on how God transforms us. We look at our identity as sinners and saints and how that impacts our Christian walk.

God is Trustworthy

August 27, 2017 • Pastor Duncan Clark

In our penultimate week of looking at James Bryan Smith's book 'The Good and Beautiful God.' This week Pastor Duncan, our Senior Minister, unpacks that God is Trustworthy.

God is Holy

August 20, 2017 • Beverley Samways

Continuing with our series 'The Good & Beautiful God' This week one of Elders; Bev, talks about the holiness of God and how by the power of Jesus we to are invited into a life of Holiness.

God is Generous

August 13, 2017 • Pastor Duncan Clark

Continuing our look to 'The Good and Beautiful God' book. We look at another of God's characteristics and nature, that He is generous. We look at some of the lenses we can look through that will distort our view that God is a generous God.

God Is Good

August 6, 2017 • Gareth Hutchinson

As we kick off a five part series, based on the book 'The Good And Beautiful God' by James Bryan Smith. Our creative director Gaz speaks to us this morning about the goodness of God and how through the story of Jesus healing the blind man in John 9, we see the good nature of God.