Tribe 2

A Tribe of Encounter

November 22, 2015 • Pastor Simon Whitley

As we conclude our Tribe 2 series, Pastor Simon unpacks what it means to be a tribe who encounters Jesus.

A Tribe of Movement

November 15, 2015 • Pastor Duncan Clark

The church was never meant to stand still. This week we learn how God used the persecution faced by the early church to spread the message of the gospel and that the church was not meant to be an institution, but a movement.

A Tribe who Serves

November 8, 2015 • Pastor Simon Whitley

The community of believers in the early church were intent on serving each other. As a tribe at Coventry Elim how does this affect us today?

A Tribe of Generosity

November 1, 2015 • Pastor Simon Whitley

As we reach our third week in our Tribe 2 Series, Pastor Simon brings us a word on how we, as the tribe of Coventry Elim, can be a generous people.

A Courageous Tribe

October 25, 2015 • Pastor Duncan Clark

As we continue our Tribe 2 series, this week Pastor Duncan unpacks on what it is for our tribe to have courage.

A Tribe Devoted

October 18, 2015 • Pastor Duncan Clark

Pastor Duncan starts of our sequel series 'Tribe 2' by looking at the early church and how they were devoted to God's mission and ministry in Acts 2:42-47