Weekly One Takes - Grace Lindvall - 11/24

Gratitude Project

November 24, 2021

This week Grace speaks about Covenant's Gratitude Project, which we are experiencing together this Thanksgiving week. She notices shifts in her day and how as she pauses in the morning to give thanks, she is reminded of the beauty of God's creation. Grace asks us each to share how the Gratitude Project is impacting our lives this week.

Weekly One Takes - Katherine Kerr 1/26

January 26, 2022

This week, Katherine Kerr, senior associate minister of congregational care and life, shares with us writings from a "Love Letter to the Earth," written by Buddhist monk Thích Nhất Hạnh. As we ponder the beauty of the earth around us, Covenant invites you to learn more about our new Outdoor Ministry. It combines fellowship events (like Hike with Covenant,) beautification programs (working in the Columbarium and Memorial Garden,) and educational programs that focus on climate change and justice. Please visit www.CovenantPresby.org/outdoor-ministry for more details on events and programs.

Weekly One Takes - Molly Smerko 1/19

January 19, 2022

Molly Smerko, pastoral resident of education invites us to Uptown Bible Study which takes place every Tuesday in the Welcome Center, as well as on Zoom. The bible study is a great way to recharge, refresh and join in fellowship. This year they are studying the Psalms and Molly shares a little snippet of psalm 33 that they studied last week. She loves how it shows the infinite care that God gave when creating the world and us. In reading the last line of the psalm, Molly's prayer for you is that you continue to hope in the Lord even when times are tough.

Weekly One Take - Bob Henderson 1/12

January 12, 2022

Bob invites you to join him tonight in-person or on Zoom to start the program, The Gospels Distilled. He and Grace will be getting to the core teaching of the Gospel of Mark these next four weeks. The hope is that it will give you a renewed and refreshed sense of Jesus' teaching. We'd love to see you join us.