Birthing God's Designs

May 10, 2020 • Pastor Al Brice • Intercession

To “design” something means ‘to plan and fashion the plan artistically and skillfully for an intended and definite purpose.’ Do you know that is what God did when you were in your mother’s womb? God’s perception of you was established in His heart before your conception

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Reigning with Jesus

May 17, 2020 • Pastor Al Brice

“When we become overwhelmed by the consciousness of fear, we have a tendency to become unconscious of faith.” Fear becomes a giant eraser, erasing my faith in God and His promises. Fear desires to be your identity, therefore controlling your behavior, words, and actions. We even fear at times to submit ourselves to God’s authority, fearing that He may make us do something or go somewhere that would make us most miserable. NO!!! We as born-again believers have not been given the spirit of fear!!


Power To Transform • May 3, 2020 • Pastor Al Brice

Intercession is praying in our understanding of God’s Word, praying in the spirit with the help of the Holy Spirit, and to intercede by my actions using the keys of the Kingdom of God. Intercessory prayer is not only for praying for ourselves but mainly for others.