Unshakable - Part Two

Pastor Al Brice

June 9, 2019 • Pastor Al Brice

We can build a Christian life so strong that it becomes unshakable!!

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Part 1 of the "Unshakable" series

Unshakable Truth

Pastor Al Brice • June 23, 2019 • Pastor Al Brice

Does the Bible actually tell us that Christians will turn away from God or fall away from faith in God before the return of Jesus?

Unshakable Truth - Part Two

Part Four of the 'Unshakable Series' • July 7, 2019 • Pastor Al Brice

Today in the Unshakable Series, Pastor Al dives into some of the demonically inspired doctrines that Jesus warns us about in the Bible, we also take a look at what God's will for your life is as a Christian.