Got Faith?

CL Fast Devotional Two

January 10, 2020 • Pastor Al Brice • CL Fast Devotional Two

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Discipleship 01

CL Talks 20 • August 5, 2020

On this episode of CL Talks, Pastor Al sits down with Pastor David and Pastor Tasha to discuss Discipleship.

Called To Stand

The Calling • August 2, 2020 • Pastor Cameron Brice

Since we are called to crisis, we need to understand that there are going to be some fights along the way. We are called to stand and to fight the issues in our culture. But we will never be able to stand against the devil's strategies in our culture until we learn to stand against the strategies he uses to challenge us individually.

CL Moments • Pastor Jeff Rosales

038 • August 1, 2020

Are you in Faith? Faith comes by hearing the Word of God!