Covenant Life Institute

August 26, 2017 • Justin Perry

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Evangelism (Part 2)

October 15, 2018 • Justin Perry and Charlie Jackson

We'd like to encourage you to consider a few practical steps in your evangelism.

Evangelism (Part 1)

What it is, what our hope in it is, and how it shapes us as a people. • October 8, 2018 • Justin Perry and Charlie Jackson

Evangelism is at the heart of the people of God. Why? Because God, in His great kindness, uses normal people in every day situations to build for himself a people through the sharing of the gospel.


Why is conversion an important topic related to the life and health of a local church? • July 31, 2018 • Jay Gregory, Charlie Jackson

Charlie sits down with Jay Gregory to discuss conversion – its definition as a biblical doctrine, its importance to the life and health of the church, and a resource on this subject offered in the CLC bookstall. Michael Lawrence's book, Conversion, is available on Sundays at CLC for $4.