A Conversation With Bob Walker

Justin Perry and Bob Walker discuss Bob's new role as a Pastoral Assistant at CLC

March 26, 2018 • Justin Perry and Bob Walker

Who is Bob Walker? Hear Bob sit down with Justin Perry to share his story, discuss his interests, provide a killer book recommendation, and present the vision for him serving as Covenant Life's new Pastoral Assistant.

On Women's Ministry @ Covenant Life

February 24, 2021 • Jackey Perry, Melanie Wilder, and Charlie Jackson

What is women's ministry? How does discipleship happen among women? How does diversity among our women testify to the grace of God? How do events for women help jump-start discipling relationships within the church?

On Gathering Outdoors

February 9, 2021 • Justin Perry and Charlie Jackson

What is the church, and what is incumbent upon the church when considering the ordinances given to it? Why do we observe the ordinances outdoors during COVID and not on Sunday mornings? If I only attend the outdoor gatherings, what am I missing on Sunday mornings each week?

On CLI's New Semester

February 3, 2021 • Charlie Jackson and Kevin Wilder

What is CLI, and how does it help us accomplish our mission as a church? What classes are being offered, and what can I expect to learn from them?