T4G18 Recap // CLC's 8th Birthday

Recapping this year's Together for the Gospel, and looking back on 8 years of God's grace

April 18, 2018 • Justin Perry, Jay Popovich, Jay Gregory, Jim Hollenbach • CLC Talks

CLC's elders convene to reflect on T4G18, its memorable moments, and what it means for their ministry to CLC. Also, Covenant Life Church celebrates its 8th birthday on April 18, 2018. The elders reflect on 8 years of God's faithfulness to CLC.

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Interview With Sam Tierney

Sam Tierney shares her story of God's love and faithfulness in the midst of painful suffering. • November 12, 2018 • Sam Tierney and Justin Perry

Justin Perry interviews Sam Tierney – a CLC member who endured a terrible motorcycle accident on her way to Covenant Life's Good Friday service on March 30, 2018. Sam recounts the story of God's enduring faithfulness, how He cared for her through the church, and how He is still teaching her to praise Him through the difficulties of suffering associated with her accident.

Bookstall Interview w/Kevin Wilder

Charlie and Kevin discuss the CLC Bookstall • October 29, 2018 • Charlie Jackson and Kevin Wilder

Charlie and Kevin discuss the history, resources, and purpose of the CLC bookstall, which you can visit each Sunday morning before and after our gathering. Our bookstall is stocked with great modern and ancient resources to help you mature as a Christian. Stop by and find the book best suited toward areas you desire to learn and grow in!

Biblical Counseling

The need for healthy Biblical counseling and resources to assist. • October 22, 2018 • Justin Perry and Charlie Jackson

Justin discusses the necessity of receiving and providing healthy Biblical Counseling. Covenant Life Church encourages its members and attendees to pursue this kind of counseling as a means of Christian discipleship and growth. Through this episode, we provide several encouragements and resources for you to grow in this area of life.