T4G18 Recap // CLC's 8th Birthday

Recapping this year's Together for the Gospel, and looking back on 8 years of God's grace

April 18, 2018 • Justin Perry, Jay Popovich, Jay Gregory, Jim Hollenbach • CLC Talks

CLC's elders convene to reflect on T4G18, its memorable moments, and what it means for their ministry to CLC. Also, Covenant Life Church celebrates its 8th birthday on April 18, 2018. The elders reflect on 8 years of God's faithfulness to CLC.

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Charlie sits down with Jay Gregory to discuss conversion – its definition as a biblical doctrine, its importance to the life and health of the church, and a resource on this subject offered in the CLC bookstall. Michael Lawrence's book, Conversion, is available on Sundays at CLC for $4.

SBC Annual Meeting Recap

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How Can We Grow? Part 2

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