T4G18 Recap // CLC's 8th Birthday

Recapping this year's Together for the Gospel, and looking back on 8 years of God's grace

April 18, 2018 • Justin Perry, Jay Popovich, Jay Gregory, Jim Hollenbach • CLC Talks

CLC's elders convene to reflect on T4G18, its memorable moments, and what it means for their ministry to CLC. Also, Covenant Life Church celebrates its 8th birthday on April 18, 2018. The elders reflect on 8 years of God's faithfulness to CLC.

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The Lord's Supper

What is the Lord's Supper, and how do we "fence the table?" • March 18, 2019 • Justin Perry, Bob Walker and Charlie Jackson

Believers are recognized by the local church through the ordinances of baptism and the Lord's Supper. Both were given to the church by Jesus both as a blessing and as a protection. How should believers then relate membership to the Lord's Supper in a local church? Justin, Bob, and Charlie discuss this question and more on this episode of CLC Talks.

A Conversation on CG, Part 2

What are some of the most FAQs regarding CGs? • March 11, 2019 • Bob Walker and Charlie Jackson

A Conversation on CG

Your CG questions are answered in this episode of CLC Talks • March 11, 2019 • Bob Walker and Charlie Jackson

Charlie asks Bob about the Christian-living-and-discipleship nature of Community Groups at Covenant Life Church. Also, listen to the second installment of this conversation for answers to some of the practical FAQs of CGs at CLC.