Deja Vu

Deja Vu Pt.3 | Ryan Leak

God’s vision for your life should start to become clear once you’ve developed a plan that demonstrates a true desire to change for the better. Part of your plan should include surrounding yourself with good people.

Deja Vu Pt.1 | Pastor Guillermo Castellanos

Each of us experiences both healthy and unhealthy patterns in our lives. The first step in breaking an unhealthy pattern is to be aware of it. It is important to consciously recognize who you say you are, who others say you are, and who God says you are.

Deja Vu Pt.2 | Pastor Creg Darby

God has a vision for your life that He will show you if you surrender to Him and determine to change your old ways. When you have received that new vision, immediately take action that will move you forward.