Vision: Make a Difference | John Maxwell

We all were created in God’s image. The desire to make a difference is naturally within each of us. To make a difference we have to intentionally make certain decisions, and take certain steps, on a daily basis.

Vision: Find Freedom | Senior Pastor Stephen Hayes

September 16, 2018

It is essential for every believer to be involved with the local church. At Covenant Church you can know God, find freedom through relationships with other believers, discover your purpose in life, and make a difference by blessing others. Covenant Church is a place to connect, protect, and grow.

Vision: Know God | Senior Pastor Stephen Hayes

The tithe God instituted in the Bible is not a payment, it is a return to Him from what He originally gave us. Covenant Church’s return is invested in the Kingdom work of the Great Commission, and in enabling believers to discover – and use - their God-given purposes.