Summer Reading Series: Influence | Founding Pastor Mike Hayes

Influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something. As Christians, our influence functions in the opposite way of the world. The question we must ask ourselves is: “Are you an being an influencer, or being influenced?”

Unfollow Your Heart | Pastor Amie Dockery

To follow God – and to realize the destiny He has declared over you – you must allow God to do His part. You must avoid the temptation to integrate your own resources and reasoning into places God has reserved for Himself.

Another Shot | Dave Martin

Planning is essential to happiness and success in life. The rest of this year can be the best part of this year if you plan for it to be that way. The first step in developing a good plan is to put God first in your life.

Summer Reading Series: Between The Lines | Bob Sorge

Your life is a story that – if you embrace it – is being authored by Jesus. God is not focused on the ups and downs of daily living, but rather, with the overall upward trajectory of your faith.