Adulting Pt.4 | Pastor Ricky Texada

God is in control in even the most difficult circumstances. Recognize and trust His control. Be honest about your own feelings, but then give them to God in exchange for His peace and comfort.

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Adulting Pt.3 | Pastor Ricky Texada

A mature Christian speaks in a way that is consistent with God’s character. The Bible tells us to speak only after thinking; to speak words that encourage, reconcile, and bless.

Adulting Pt.2 | Pastor Guillermo Castellanos

A mature Christian is continually trying to understand God’s perspective. Understanding God’s perspective will enable you to believe the correct things about yourself, about others, and about God Himself.

Adulting Pt.1 | Ryan Leak

As a Christian, you should be growing spiritually for as long as you live. An important part of spiritual maturity takes place in your mind. Your ideas will be better as you learn to think more like Jesus.