Christmas Like a Child

CornerstoneSF Christmas 2015 Presentation

December 20, 2015 • CornerstoneSF

Approaching Christmas like a child helps us to see the coming of Jesus in a whole new light. Rewatch CornerstoneSF's Christmas presentation here.

Come and See • Easter 2018

April 1, 2018 • CornerstoneSF Easter • April 1, 2018 • CornerstoneSF

What if the life and times of Jesus happened in San Francisco in 2018? Come and see for yourself as we explore this concept through our original stage musical!

Light of the World • Christmas 2017

Our Annual Christmas Presentation • December 17, 2017 • CornerstoneSF

Jesus entered this world like the first rays of dawn, spreading hope into a broken and dark world. 2,000 years later, His glory still shines. Watch our multimedia production that explores how the Light of the World illuminates even the deepest darkness.

Higher Love • Easter 2017

Watch the Easter Presentation from the Mission Campus • April 16, 2017 • CornerstoneSF