January 5-7, 2024

August 8, 11:00am - September 25, 2023 11:00pm

Mark your calendars for TCTC! Fill out the form below to register for this year's TCTC convention being held January 5-7, 2024 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This year's theme is "Enough." Scripture tells us that only by Christ's blood are we complete but anyone that claims Christ is made new and they are then found to be ENOUGH. This year at TCTC, students will see God's glory on full display as they listen to amazing music, hear God's word through inspired teachers and witness that being on fire for Christ sets them apart from others in the world. They will learn to recognize the fullness that God has given to them and all the abundant ways He proves to be ENOUGH over and over again. They will realize that HE is ENOUGH and HE gets to determine who they are.