Macro & Micro Planning: How to Plan Today to Reach a Big Vision

"DMM in the macro, [focuses on the big picture and] recognizes the scope of what it takes to catalyze Disciple-Making Movements, is much bigger than what one person can do with their time. Macro-DMM thinking focuses on Systems, Processes and Developing Leaders." In it's greatest expression, Macro-DMM acts like a brain: balancing the strengths, commitment levels and vision of where we are going--the effect of this is that we can move together as a unified body, the Body of Christ.

"DMM in the micro’s focus is, what does me and my team need to do each day to make disciples, that WILL in turn make more disciples?" At it's best, Micro-focused DMM gives us momentum, step-by-step progress to achieving our big vision.

In today's podcast, we cover the following:

What are the 5 different levels of a leader, and how does thinking Macro/Micro help you progress through these levels?

How to set yourself up for strategic planning by categorizing your efforts into Micro/Macro Disciple Making. 

How the body of Christ can assume their role and work together to have a unified effect on neighborhood, city and country alike.